Terms and Conditions

By placing your order, you accept and are bound by the terms and conditions below.         
1. Agreement structure
1.1. These terms of offer (the “Terms”) will apply to all deals and conveyances of items (the “Items”) from Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. to the buyer (the “Buyer” or “Client”) or its agents. These terms of offer along with the request and the request affirmation (assuming any) are together alluded to as the “Understanding”. Any conditions in opposition to the substance of these Terms, for example buy terms or different terms appended to or alluded to in the Purchaser’s structure, will possibly be appropriate if such conditions have been supported recorded as a hard copy by an approved signatory of Antminer Distributor Europe b.v.
1.2. Purchaser is deemed to accept these Terms upon Buyer or its representative’s: (i) purchase of Products, (ii) clicking an acceptance button or checking an acceptance box online or similar act of acceptance, (iii) written or verbal assent, (iv) acceptance of delivery of the Product or partial delivery of Product, (v) payment or partial payment, or (vi) other conduct constituting acceptance; whichever occurs first.
1.3. The Products are sold for business and personal use.

2. Order and Order Confirmation
2.1. Upon Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. receipt of the Purchaser’s structure, the request will be affirmed as per Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. methodology. The Purchaser recognizes and acknowledges that such request affirmation might be sent by means of email or other electronic interface. The Purchaser may consistently demand a composed request affirmation by reaching Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. client support.

3. Pricing
3.1. The Products are sold at the costs persuading the day of request as per the Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. value list around then. Material costs do exclude assessments, customs or other relevant expenses. The Purchaser is exclusively responsible to make good on all assessments, customs or other material costs identified with acquisition of the Products.

4. Fees and Payment Terms
4.1. Payment will be made ahead of time upon request by direct Bitcoin Payment or wire transfer or some other way worked with by Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. now and again. Full Payment is a condition for Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. to acknowledge an order. In case Payment isn’t gotten inside the time that is standard for the pre-owned way of installment, Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. is entitled: (I) until additional notification to suspend conveyance of exceptional orders from the Purchaser until Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. gets Payment or, and additionally (ii) to end the Agreement. For the aversion of uncertainty, Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. isn’t limited by the Agreement until Payment has been gotten in full.

5. Returns
5.1. Just private clients reserve the option to pull out from their request inside 14 days after receipt of the goods. (mining equipment rejected.) This right isn’t appropriate for business clients. The private client is obliged to reach us inside these 14 days to practice the right of withdrawal as per EU shopper and advertising law. A request can not be dropped inside these 14 days if an item is utilized or tried. After the multi day time span, no discount solicitations will be satisfied without a choice from Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. Returns are just acknowledged upon the earlier endorsement of Antminer Distributor Europe b.v.. In case of a return, we are qualified for make derivations because of any lacks. We are qualified for ask for and require the Purchaser to concede Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. freedom to lead review of the Products preceding tolerating a return. Any return cost will be charged to the Purchaser, except if the return has been dependent upon the earlier endorsement of Antminer Distributor Europe b.v.

6. Commercial Use
6.1. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that the Products purchased from Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. are for own internal, commercial use, and not for resale purposes. These terms do not grant distribution rights as a reseller for Antminer Distributor Europe b.v., which must be agreed to separately.

7. Warranty
7.1 The legal (two years) guarantee rights are material for private clients. Notwithstanding the substance of the comparing legitimate guideline, the guarantee time frame for recycled things adds up to a time of one year after conveyance of the merchandise being referred to. The one-year guarantee period doesn’t have any significant bearing in circumstances including suspiciously caused harms that can be credited to the provider and which are related with death toll, wounds or wellbeing related harms. Besides, it doesn’t matter in circumstances including harms endured because of gross carelessness or noxious aim, or in circumstances including misdirection with respect to the provider or commitment claims.

If you are a businessman, the following shall apply, despite the contents of paragraph 1:
a) It is perceived that the subtleties given by us and the item depiction given by the maker are the main things that address the properties and state of the item being referred to. Different commercials, blurbs and explanations gave by the maker are not viewed as illustrative of the properties and state of the said item.
b) You are committed to practice due ingenuity while instantly looking at the products for subjective and quantitative deviations, and to educate us recorded as a hard copy regarding clear deformities inside a time of 7 days after receipt of the merchandise. The service time boundary be considered to have been agreed with if an opportune dispatch was executed. This additionally applies to stowed away imperfections that are distinguished at a later stage (from the hour of disclosure onwards). Guarantee claims can’t be raised if the commitment to examine and the commitment to pull out of imperfections are not satisfied.
c) If there should arise an occurrence of deformities, we give ensure through fix or substitution at our own discretion. The imperfection expulsion is relevant following a bombed second endeavor, except if the conditions demonstrate something else, specifically because of the idea of the article and additionally imperfection or different conditions. In the event of fix, we should not bear the extra expenses, which emerge from the exchange of the thing to a spot other than the spot of satisfaction, to the extent the exchange doesn’t compare to the planned utilization of the thing. Kindly note we are not responsible for any deficiency of mining time during the time of fix in any event, when the maintenance time is deferred.

d) The guarantee period adds up to a time of one year after conveyance of the item. The abbreviated guarantee period doesn’t have any significant bearing in circumstances including suspiciously caused harms that can be ascribed to us and which are related with death toll, wounds or wellbeing related harms. Besides, it doesn’t matter in circumstances including harms endured because of gross carelessness or malevolent aim, or in circumstances including misdirection or commitment claims.

7.2. Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. warrants that the items, will perform as per the consistently distributed determination for a time of fourteen (14) days from conveyance from us given that the Products have been utilized as per the consistently distributed directions and prerequisites given by us, including yet not restricted to recommended working climate for the Products. Items are for indoor utilize as it were. Obligation for abandons will not cover absconds because of conditions emerging after the danger for the Products has passed to the Purchaser, for example, but not restricted to, deserts because of ordinary mileage or crumbling. We warrant that the Products are conveyed liberated from promises or some other encumbrance not known by the Purchaser. Any guarantee commitments for Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. requires a composed objection by the Purchaser inside sensible time, no later than fourteen (14) days from when the Purchaser became mindful, or ought to have known, of the significant deformity or issue. We are not at risk for any deformity or shortcoming brought about by the Purchaser or an outsider or that is brought about by, including yet not restricted to, ill-advised use, dealing with or extreme utilization of the Products. Further, Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. isn’t answerable for abandons caused because of the Purchaser or an outsider has neglected to agree with the guidelines we give. The substance of this restricted guarantee will supplant any remaining composed or non-composed, unequivocal or inferred guarantees.
7.3. If there should be an occurrence of harm during delivery the Purchaser is obliged to record a protest to the transportation organization as per their agreements. Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. isn’t obligated for harm brought about by transportation.
7.4. All deals are conclusive. Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. doesn’t acknowledge returns and won’t give a discount if a thing is returned without a legitimate RMA. Any items that are not working effectively because of maker imperfections will be supplanted after a RMA is given and the thing is send back at own expenses for us, assessed and supported.
Our Return Policies are material just to items bought by you straightforwardly from the our site. Because of the unpredictable idea of these items, returns are not qualified for discount and are just qualified for trade inside 14 days of procurement. Guarantees on our items are VOIDED if the unit is adjusted in at any rate (voltage modded, evacuation of fan, and so forth) and won’t be traded. The accompanying occasions will likewise void the guarantee:

a. Customer removes/replaces any components by himself without receiving permission first;
b. Damage caused by poor power supply, lightning or voltage surges;
c. Burnt parts on hash boards or chips;
d. Miner/boards/components damage due to water immersion or corrosion due to wet environment.

*Please note if there is a scrap notification from the manufacturing partners, we can not replace or repair that part. The customer has no right to a refund or compensation in this matter.

We test every unit for adjustments prior to sending them back to the producer. Returns won’t be acknowledged except if joined by a supported Antminer Distributor gave RMA number, which can be gotten through contacting info@antminerdistributor.com with the following information:
Subject: RMA Order#[your order number] | Your Name
Body: Reasons for RMA, and any photos/video’s you need to send or anything of that matter, kindly give us a point by point portrayal of the issues you are having. We can just acknowledge returns who are additionally joined by the necessary picture, sound and video material.

Preceding transportation back a defective unit the client needs to get in touch with us.

8. Limitation of Liability
8.1. Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. liability under the Agreement is limited to the above mentioned limited warranty. As an exclusive remedy for any covered warranty claim, We may choose to (i) re-deliver new products, (ii) repair the defected Product. Such new conveyance or fix is molded upon the Purchaser’s grumbling of an imperfection or inadequacy inside the endorsed time indicated in these agreements. Should the Purchaser neglect to submit such question inside the endorsed time, the Purchaser defers all cases hereunder corresponding to the Products. Whenever mentioned by us, all Products which stray from the guarantee will be gotten back to Antminer Distributor Europe b.v.. We are answerable for masterminding such returns. In the event of any non-supported returns, the Purchaser is liable for all transportation costs related with such return.
8.2. Our responsibility under the Agreement is, regardless of the kind, reason and extent of the deformity, insufficiency or harm, restricted to the worth of the singular Product that led to obligation. We are under no conditions responsible for harm brought about by the Product except if in any case given by obligatory item security or responsibility enactment.
8.3. We are not liable for any indirect, consequential or special damages or loss of any kind, such as, but not limited to, loss of production, loss of profits and loss of business. We are not liable for compensation for loss or damage due to the Purchaser’s obligation to pay compensation to a third party.

9. Delivery Terms
9.1. The Products are conveyed to the conveyance address determined by the Purchaser, except if in any case concurred. The conveyance date is accommodated data purposes just and will not be restricting on Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. The Purchaser isn’t qualified for deny acknowledgment of the Products, pull out, drop or disavow the request or make claims for remuneration because of any postponed conveyance.
9.2. Where conveyance is postponed because of any of the conditions comprising power majeure as per Section 12 underneath or because of any demonstration or exclusion by the Purchaser, the conveyance time frame will be reached out by such a period as is sensible considering the conditions. The conveyance period will likewise be broadened where the reason for the deferral emerges after the expiry of the initially concurred conveyance time frame.
9.3. In the event that the conveyance is forestalled because of the Purchasers careless demonstrations or exclusions, the danger for the Products will pass to the Purchaser on the date when the Products were prepared for conveyance. In the event of any harm to conveyed Products as well as its bundling, the Purchaser is exclusively answerable for reserving any spot or guarantee for remuneration corresponding to the significant suitable coordinations/cargo organization.

10. Termination
10.1. We maintain all authority to end and repeal an endorsed request, or the whole Agreement, quickly in the occasion the Purchaser penetrates the Agreement and neglects to correct such break inside thirty (30) schedule days from Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. composed warning to the Purchaser of the break. Such notification will not influence our entitlement to guarantee harms or some other monetary pay because of the Purchaser’s break. Further, we claim all authority to quickly end and cancel an endorsed request, or the whole Agreement, if the Purchaser: (i) no longer conducts any of its business activities, (ii) suspends its payments, (iii) enters into liquidation or initiates reorganization, (iv) initiates negotiations with creditors on composition or (v) for any other reason may reasonably be deemed as insolvent.
10.2. Termination and rescission under this part will not under any conditions lead to any commitment for us to pay to the Purchaser, and doesn’t confine us possibility to guarantee harms or other monetary pay because of the occasion which advocated Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. to end the request or the Agreement.

11. Intellectual Property
11.1. Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. disavows all written or verbal, unequivocal or suggested guarantees on protected innovation encroachments as for the utilization of the Products. All logotypes, brand names or item names set out on the Products and any plan of the Products establishes us protected licensed innovation. Use, proliferation or portrayal (in entire or in piece) of these logotypes, brand names, item names or the actual Products paying little heed to in what structure it happens, is denied except if such use is supported recorded as a hard copy ahead of time by Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. The Purchaser embraces not to eliminate or adjust us labeling of the Products.

12. Force Majeure
12.1. We are exempted from satisfying its commitments under this Agreement and is qualified for drop the Purchaser affirmed orders with no responsibility, in case of power majeure like strikes, floods and flames, wars, riots, breaks in transport, lack of material or energy sources influencing Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. or then again its sub-providers, mishaps or different events which influences sub-providers creation, chapter 11 or necessary liquidation of a sub-provider, mishaps of any sort, administrative choices which influences assembling or utilization of the Products and, by and large, such occasions that were unanticipated at the hour of the request which forestalls or block assembling, transportation or conveyance of the Products to the Purchaser.

13. Personal Data
13.1. Individual information gave to Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. inside the structure of a request for Products will be recorded and handled by us and may likewise be moved to the outsider suppliers, (for example, facilitating suppliers or installment preparing suppliers) inside or outside the European Union for the execution of the request for Products. The Purchaser thusly agree to such preparing of individual information. We measure individual information as per the Dutch Personal Data Protection with the end goal of plan and manage orders and to satisfy our commitments under the Agreement. We may additionally utilize your own information to create and dealing with its administrations. Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. is the individual information regulator for the individual information that we cycle. We shall take proper specialized and hierarchical measures to secure the Purchasers individual information. Individual information won’t be moved to different gatherings who have regardless of on the buy. The Purchaser may whenever reach us to get more data about our handling of your own information and to address any mistaken individual data, or visit our Privacy Policy page.

14. Amendments, Assignments etc.
14.1. Any composed or oral endeavors and responsibilities settled on before the Agreement are supplanted by the substance in these overall agreements of offer. The Purchaser may not relegate or promise its privileges and additionally commitments under this Agreement, in entire or to a limited extent, without the earlier composed assent from us
14.2. We may amend this Agreement in whole or in part. The amended Agreement will apply to all orders submitted subsequent to publishing.

15. Applicable law and dispute resolution
15.1. This Agreement shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with dutch law, without regard to any conflict of law. Any disputes are to be settled by The Court of Arbitration of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Industry and it shall be the first instance.

16. Confidentiality
16.1. The Purchaser undertakes not to reveal information which the Purchaser receives from Antminer Distributor Europe b.v. and which are our trade secrets or otherwise of such nature that it may be considered as confidential information to any third party. This undertaking shall apply during the term of the agreement and thereafter. The Purchaser further undertakes necessary measures to prevent confidential information from being disclosed to third parties by the Purchaser employees or contractors.

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